Dualism scale

From Preston, Ritter, & Hepler (2013, Cognition), see supplementary materials

(there's another one in here - Dualism Persists in the Science of Mind (Annals New York)

From 1 - Strongly Disagree to 7 - Strongly Agree

  1. The mind is equivalent to the brain.*
  2. It is impossible for science to ever have a complete understanding of the mind.
  3. One’s thoughts, personality, preferences, and choices are all just a product of brain functions.*
  4. Whether one is a good or bad person can be completely altered by changes in the brain.*
  5. Aspects of mind that science cannot explain are best explained by the soul.
  6. People have a non-physical soul (or spirit) that animates the physical body.
  7. A person's soul persists after one dies.
  8. Free will is an illusion produced by the brain.*
  9. The mind interacts with the brain, but is separate from brain.
  10. In the future, it may be possible to know someone's personality by looking at their
  11. brain activity.*
  12. The true self is not governed by the brain, but by a person's soul.
  13. The mind is a non-physical property
  14. In the future, it may be possible to know exactly what another person is thinking by looking at their brain activity.*
  15. I believe the mind and soul are the same thing.

* Reverse-scored items

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