R shiny apps

  1. MAVIS (Meta-Analysis via Shiny) is a web application and R package for running a meta-analysis with Shiny and R.
  2. lavaan.shiny (Latent Variable Analysis with Shiny) is a Shiny wrapper to the lavaan package. Currently lavaan.shiny allows users to run confirmatory factor analysis, growth curve models, and structural equation models.
  3. CTTShiny is a Shiny application for running classical test theory and item analysis with Shiny.
  4. IRTShiny is a Shiny application for running item response theory analysis with Shiny.
  5. PACA is a Shiny application for running principle components analysis with Shiny.
  6. STATCAL is a statistical data processing application developed by Prana Ugiana Gio, in January 2017, using R programming language in RStudio, with shiny package as the main package. STATCAL uses various of R packages to perform statistical and graphical data analysis.
  7. MEDIATE - Shiny app to simulate the famous SPSS PROCESS macro for mediation testing
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