MGMT1110 Summer course 2012

You will write an analysis of management issues of a company based on managerial articles.

In the paper, you should:

  • describe the management issues presented in the clippings,
  • identify the managerial challenges, problems and / or opportunities presented in the clippings,
  • analyze the issues with relevant theories and concepts you learnt from the course, and
  • discuss implications based on your analysis, such as your recommended next course of action or potential consequences emerged from the identified issues.

Each group will prepare a maximum of five-page analysis (12pt, Times New Roman, 1.5 lines-spaced), not counting the cover page and reference list.

Towards the end of the term, your group will give an 8-minute presentation to the class based on your written analysis. There should be no less than 2 presenters from each group. At the end of each presentation, there will be a 2-minute question and answer session. The entire class will vote for the best presentation of the day at the end of the lecture. The group with most votes in their respective lecture session will receive 10 bonus points for their group project presentation score.

You must choose one of the companies below and use the articles provided to review and analyze the managerial issues the company is facing. You don't have to use all the articles, and you may use other articles you find about the company as long as :

  1. The articles should not be older than 2 years.
  2. The articles must be from one of the following sources : Business Week, CNN, Fast Company, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, International Business Times, New York Times, South China Morning Post, The Economist, Time, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post.
  3. You must clearly and explicitly state which articles you use and where they can be found.
  4. You follow clear rules of citation. If you use a piece of data in your project, it must be cited appropriately and credit must be given to the source.
  1. Group projects will be submitted through Turnitin. Make sure you do your own original work, be careful to cite and quote appropriately and give credit to sources when credit is due. We will not tolerate any form of plagiarism.
  2. Group projects are a group effort. You will be asked to evaluate your group mates and indicate the effort contributed. I expect a fairly equal contribution from all group members. If one or more of your team are not putting in their part, please do let me know.

To write a good paper, follow the following …

General advice

  • Develop a theme – e.g. develop a question which you will provide answers to in your paper. That question is the title of your paper.
  • Apply adequate amount of theory / framework – i.e. just do a SWOT analysis as an analytical tool in not enough.
  • The yardstick is: you need to show you have well- understood and applied the management concepts / frameworks.
  • You must have a topic for your group project. In essence, the topic is the theme you set to analyze. The general advice is to explore a controversial (debatable / argumentative) topic so that you can present both sides of the argument. This approach can reflect more of your critical thinking than answering questions that start with “what” or “how” (which are descriptive approach). Remember learning management is to learn how to synthesize, analyze and recommend solutions to management issues / problems.

Word allocation

  • Introduction (e.g. 300/2000 words) - This should include your thesis statement which summarize the purpose of your paper, followed by why you pick this topic and a brief explanation of your approach for this analysis
  • Body (e.g. 1250/2000 words) - This is the bulk of your analysis. Determine the priority (logical sequence) and allocate word-limit accordingly.
  • Conclusion (450/2000 words) - This should include discussion of the managerial implication – potential course of actions, consequences – as well as a conclusion for your analysis
  • Appendix and reference list are not counted towards the 5-page limit

Writing the paper

  • This paper is not a summary of the articles. You need to apply management framework / concepts, reflect your originality and recommendation.
  • Types of analyses : Choose your analysis carefully and don't attempt to cover everything at the same time.
  • Graphs and tables : You may include them as appendix and not in the “body” of the 5-pages
  • Headings : Use headings wisely. Too many headings make your essay very “choppy” (chopped into pieces)
  • You should not use “headings” as a means to connect your paragraphs. You need to have a transition paragraph or sentence to link your sections. “Headings”

just make it easier to read.

  • Remember this is an essay. You should not use bullet points.

Effective team work


  • Agree on the theme and develop subthemes - Discuss what should go to each of the subtheme. E.g. the theme is to discuss the success factors of Amazon’s Kindle (e-book) – you talk about PETS (very briefly), SWOTS, growth strategy, challenges and recommendations. Then assign one subtheme to each member.
  • Appoint one member as the “editor”. Allow the editor a few days to edit the whole piece to ensure the logic flow, and good English writing.

Do not

  • Do not ask each of the five members to each write 5 pages then pick the “winner”
  • Do not merely combine the various sections together as your “final product”
  • Do not treat each section as “mini” “standalone” analysis, because your paper will become disconnected
  • Do not submit your first draft as your final version

Examples for good titles with interesting management issues

(Do not simply copy these, be creative)

  • Restoring the broken wings of Kingfisher
  • Nissan’s diversification strategy in the electric vehicle industry: a success or failure?
  • A review of Starbucks in China: The way forward
  • Takeover of Cadbury: Is it really such a sweet deal?
  • Can Alibaba open the sesame door for sustainable wealth and glory?






Facebook versus Google

Intel smartphones






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