Job satisfaction scale

From Dubinsky, A.J., and Harley, S.W. (1986) “A path-analytic study of a model of salesperson performance”. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol. 14, pp. 36–46 :

  1. Generally speaking, I am very satisfied with my job.
  2. I am generally satisfied with the feeling of worthwhile accomplishment I get from doing this job.
  3. I am satisfied with the kind of work I do in this job.

In Chinese (used in Larry's Taiwan dataset - two waves):

  • G124 整體來說,我的工作很棒。
  • G125 一般來說,我對我的工作滿意。
  • G126 一般來說,我對所從事的這些工作滿意。
  • W2E87 整體來說,我的工作很棒。
  • W2E88 一般來說,我對我的工作滿意。
  • W2E89 一般來說,我對所從事的這些工作滿意。

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