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Job satisfaction scales

Brayfield & Rothe (1951)

An index of job satisfaction.|An index of job satisfaction” (1951, JAP)

From 1 - strongly agree to 5 - strongly disagree

Some jobs are more interesting and satisfying than others. We want to know how people feel about different jobs. This blank contains eighteen statements about jobs. You are to cross out the phrase below each statement which best describes how you feel about your present job. There are no right or wrong answers. We should like your honest opinion on each one of the statements.

  1. There are some conditions concerning my job that could be improved (R)
  2. My job is like a hobby to me
  3. My job is usually interesting enough to keep me from getting bored
  4. It seems that my friends are more interested in their jobs (R)
  5. I consider my job rather unpleasant (R)
  6. I enjoy my work more than my leisure time
  7. I am often bored with my job (R)
  8. I feel fairly well satisfied with my present job
  9. Most of the time I have to force myself to go to work (R)
  10. I am satisfied with my job for the time being
  11. I feel that my job is no more interesting than others I could get (R)
  12. I definitely dislike my work (R)
  13. I feel that I am happier in my work than most other people
  14. Most days I am enthusiastic about my work
  15. Each day of work seems like it will never end (R)
  16. I like my job better than the average worker does
  17. My job is pretty uninteresting (R)
  18. I find real enjoyment in my work
  19. I am disappointed that I ever took this job (R)

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