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Goal orientation scale

Performance and learning goals - Vandewalle 1997

  1. I am willing to select a challenging assignment that I can learn a lot from
  2. For me, development of my ability is important enough to take risks
  3. I often look for opportunities to develop new skills and knowledge
  4. I enjoy challenging and difficult tasks where I'll learn new skills
  5. I prefer to work in situations that require a high level of ability and talent
  6. I would avoid taking on a new task if there was a chance that I would appear rather incompetent to others
  7. Avoiding a show of low ability is more important to me than learning a new skill
  8. I prefer to avoid situations where I might perform poorly
  9. I'm concerned about taking on a task if my performance would reveal that I had low ability
  10. I'm concerned with showing that I can perform better than my peers
  11. I prefer to work on projects where I can prove my ability to others
  12. I try to figure out what it takes to prove my ability to others
  13. I enjoy it when others are aware of how well I am doing

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