Dual-Level Transformational Leadership (TFL) Scale

The Individual-Focused TFL Subscale (18 Items)

Communicating high expectations (five items):

  1. Encourages me to set high goals for myself.
  2. Communicates high performance expectations to me.
  3. Shows confidence in my ability to meet performance expectations.
  4. Demonstrates total confidence in me.
  5. Encourages me to live up to my potential.

Follower development (five items):

  1. Helps me develop my strengths.
  2. Suggests training to improve my ability to carry out my job.
  3. Provides me with developmental experiences.
  4. Provides feedback to help me develop my abilities.
  5. Provides coaching to help me improve my job performance.

Intellectual stimulation (four items):

  1. Gets me to look at problems from many different angles.
  2. Challenges me to think about old problems in new ways.
  3. Challenges me to be innovative in my approach to work assignments.
  4. Encourages me to be an independent thinker.

Personal recognition (four items):

  1. Commends me when I achieve my goals.
  2. Gives me positive feedback when I perform well.
  3. Gives me special recognition when my work is very good.
  4. Acknowledges improvement in my quality of work.

The Group-Focused TFL Subscale (16 Items)

Emphasizing group identity (five items):

  1. Encourages team members to take pride in our team.
  2. Says things that make us feel proud to be members of this team.
  3. Says positive things about the team.
  4. Encourages others to place the interests of the team ahead of their own interests.
  5. Emphasizes the uniqueness of the team.

Communicating a group vision b (six items):

  1. Articulates a compelling vision of the future for our team.
  2. Talks optimistically about the future of our team.
  3. Talks enthusiastically about what needs to be accomplished by our team.
  4. Communicates a clear direction of where our team is going.

Team-building (five items):

  1. Fosters collaboration among team members.
  2. Encourages group members to be “team players.”
  3. Develops a team attitude and spirit4. among team members.
  4. Gets the team to work togethe5. r for the same goal.
  5. Resolves friction among team members in the interest of teamwork.

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