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   * [[http://​graphpad.com/​quickcalcs/​|Quickcalcs]] - for calculating [[http://​graphpad.com/​quickcalcs/​catMenu/​|Chisquare]] and such   * [[http://​graphpad.com/​quickcalcs/​|Quickcalcs]] - for calculating [[http://​graphpad.com/​quickcalcs/​catMenu/​|Chisquare]] and such
   * [[https://​www.theorymaps.org/​|Theory mapping]]   * [[https://​www.theorymaps.org/​|Theory mapping]]
 +  * [[https://​aushsi.shinyapps.io/​orcid/​|Reducing the administrative burden on researchers generate automatic CV from ORCID]]
 Content mining Content mining
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