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PSYC2020 in-class experiments

  1. Hindsight bias
    1. Takeaways:
      1. We think we knew the answer all along even when we didn't/don't.
  2. Why do people cheat?
    1. How we study cheating
    2. Takeaways:
      1. You can study unethical behavior in the lab
      2. There are some fascinating findings in behavioral ethics social psychology studies.
  3. Who cheats more?
      1. Takeaways:
        1. We all cheat
        2. We all cheat about the same
  4. Cheating behaviors (you versus average HKU student)
    1. Takeaways:
      1. We lie and yet still think of ourselves as good honest people
      2. Justifying own unethical behavior
  5. Experiment: Employee versus manager manipulation
    1. Unethical judgments depend on context/perspective and individual differences
    2. You need to understand the social context
  6. Morality in every day life
    1. Fundamental attribution error bias
  7. Morality of self-driving car
    1. Takeaways:
      1. Understanding morality is very important for everyday life, in everything we do
      2. We make moral decisions all the time, even when not realizing it
      3. A good example, is when faced with having to articulate decision for a machine, very uncomfortable and confusing


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