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 +According to categories :
 +__Free will__
 +  - People have complete control over the decisions they make.
 +  - People must take full responsibility for any bad choices they make.
 +  - People can overcome any obstacles if they truly want to.
 +  - Criminals are totally responsible for the bad things they do.
 +  - People have complete free will.
 +  - People are always at fault for their bad behavior.
 +  - Strength of mind can always overcome the body's desires.
 +__Scientific Determinism__
 +  - People’s biological makeup determines their talents and personality.
 +  - Psychologists and psychiatrists will eventually figure out all human behavior.
 +  - Your genes determine your future.
 +  - Science has shown how your past environment created your current intelligence and personality.
 +  - As with other animals, human behavior always follows the laws of nature.
 +  - Parents'​ character will determine the character of their children.
 +  - Childhood environment will determine your success as an adult.
 +__Fatalistic Determinism__
 +  - I believe that the future has already been determined by fate.
 +  - No matter how hard you try, you can’t change your destiny.
 +  - Fate already has a plan for everyone.
 +  - Whatever will be, will be – there’s not much you can do about it.
 +  - Whether people like it or not, mysterious forces seem to move their lives.
 +  - Chance events seem to be the major cause of human history.
 +  - No one can predict what will happen in this world.
 +  - Life seems unpredictable - just like throwing dice or flipping a coin.
 +  - People are unpredictable.
 +  - Life is hard to predict because it is almost totally random.
 +  - Luck plays a big role in people’s lives.
 +  - What happens to people is a matter of chance.
 +  - People’s futures cannot be predicted.
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