Ethical Leadership Scale

The scale is described in this article : Ethical leadership: A social learning perspective for construct development and testing (Brown, Treviño & Harrison, OBHDP, 2005)

The survey items were designed to tap the full domain of ethical leadership that could apply to both formal and informal leaders (as long as the leader is recognized by the perceiver or respondent), and to leaders at all organizational levels. But, we focus this research on direct supervisors, the immediate authority argues who set expectations, model behavior, and manage employees’ daily performance.

Each item was followed by a 5-point Likert-type response format (1D Strongly Disagree to 5 D Strongly Agree).


  • Listens to what employees have to say
  • Disciplines employees who violate ethical standards
  • Conducts his/her personal life in an ethical manner
  • Has the best interests of employees in mind
  • Makes fair and balanced decisions
  • Can be trusted
  • Discusses business ethics or values with employees
  • Sets an example of how to do things the right way in terms of ethics
  • Defines success not just by results but also the way that they are obtained
  • When making decisions, asks “what is the right thing to do?”

I don't particularly like this scale very much, as I can spot some major weaknesses. Read their paper But, it is relatively well accepted. So, just use with care.

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