Ethical Judgments scale - Newstrom & Ruch (1975)

Quoted from Taken from Akkah (1995, JBE)

On a 7-point scale with 1 = “never” and 7 = “frequently“ :

Personal use

  1. Using company services for personal use
  2. Doing personal business on company time
  3. Pilfering company materials and supplies
  4. Taking extra personal time (lunch hour, breaks, early departure)

Passing blame

  1. Concealing one’s error
  2. Passing blame for errors to an innocent co-worker
  3. Claiming credit for someone else’s work


  1. Giving gifts/favors in exchange for preferential treatment
  2. Accepting gifts/favor in exchange for preferential treatment


  1. Falsifying time/quality/quantity reports
  2. Calling in sick to take a day off
  3. Authorizing a subordinate to violate company rules

Padding expenses

  1. Padding an expense account up to 10%
  2. Padding an expense account more than 10%


  1. Taking longer than necessary to do a job
  2. Divulging confidential information
  3. Not reporting others’ violations of company policies and rules

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