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 From [[http://​www.sciencedirect.com/​science/​article/​pii/​S0010027712002776|Preston,​ Ritter, & Hepler]] (2013, Cognition), see [[http://​www.sciencedirect.com/​science/​article/​pii/​S0010027712002776|supplementary materials]] From [[http://​www.sciencedirect.com/​science/​article/​pii/​S0010027712002776|Preston,​ Ritter, & Hepler]] (2013, Cognition), see [[http://​www.sciencedirect.com/​science/​article/​pii/​S0010027712002776|supplementary materials]]
 +(there'​s another one in here - [[http://​onlinelibrary.wiley.com/​enhanced/​doi/​10.1111/​j.1749-6632.2008.04117.x/​|Dualism Persists in the Science of Mind]] (Annals New York)
 ===== The scale ===== ===== The scale =====
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