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 +====== Daily Meaning Scale ======
 + ​([[http://​psychfaculty.gmu.edu/​kashdan/​publications/​jrp_beinggood.pdf|DMS;​ Steger et al., 2008]]) :
 +The Daily Meaning Scale (DMS) consisted of two items, ‘‘howmeaningful does your life feel?’’ and ‘‘how much do you feel your life has purpose?​’’The 21-day average scores on the DMS correlated .55 (p< .0001) with the MLQ-presencesubscale,​ indicating the items constitute a valid measure of state meaning in life. The mul-tilevel random coefficients modeling software program HLM 5 (Raudenbush,​ Bryk, &​Congdon,​ 2000) provides appropriate reliability estimates for the nested repeated-mea-sures data generated by daily reports (Nezlek, 2001). The reliability estimate for the aver-age daily meaning was excellent (.98).
 +[[https://​www.researchgate.net/​profile/​Jerome_Short/​publication/​261727036_Relationships_Between_Meaning_in_Life_Social_and_Achievement_Events_and_Positive_and_Negative_Affect_in_Daily_Life/​links/​0046353b165d7bad48000000.pdf|Relationships Between Meaning in
 +Life, Social and Achievement Events,
 +and Positive and Negative Affect in
 +Daily Life (JOP, 2014)]]:
 +Daily levels of MIL were assessed with the Daily
 +Meaning Scale (DMS; Steger et al., 2008). The scale consists
 +of two face-valid items: “How meaningful did you feel your
 +life was today?” and “How much did you feel your life had
 +purpose today?” Participants responded on a 7-point scale
 +ranging from 1 (not at all) to 7 (very much). These items
 +have demonstrated acceptable reliability and validity in past
 +research (Kashdan & Nezlek, 2012; Kashdan & Steger,
 +2007). Prior research has found that the daily measure of
 +MIL is correlated from .53 to .64 with trait MIL, as mea-
 +sured by the full version of the Meaning in Life Question-
 +naire (Kashdan & Steger, 2007; Steger & Kashdan, 2013;
 +Steger et al., 2008). Reliability estimates for daily measures
 +are reported below.
 +The items [1 (not at all) to 7 (very much)]:
 +  - How meaningful did you feel your life was today?
 +  - How much did you feel your life had purpose today?
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