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 +====== Choice readings ======
 +  * [[http://​scheibehenne.de/​ScheibehenneGreifenederTodd2010.pdf|Can There Ever Be Too Many Options? AMeta-Analytic Review of Choice Overload]] (JCR, 2010, reviewed in "​[[http://​www.theatlantic.com/​business/​archive/​2013/​08/​more-is-more-why-the-paradox-of-choice-might-be-a-myth/​278658/​|More Is More: Why the Paradox of Choice Might Be a Myth]]"​)
 +  * [[http://​jcr.oxfordjournals.org/​content/​41/​3/​746.full|Social Defaults: Observed Choices Become Choice Defaults]] (JCR, 2014)
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