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 +====== Biases readings ======
 +  * Framing effects - [[http://​www.pnas.org/​content/​early/​2013/​06/​26/​1206326110.short?​rss=1|How psychological framing affects economic market prices in the lab and field]] (PNAS, 2013)
 +  * Secrecy heuristic - [[http://​psych.colorado.edu/​~vanboven/​VanBoven/​Publications_files/​travers-secrecy-polpsy2012.pdf|Travers,​ M. W., Van Boven., L, & Judd, C. J. (in press). The secrecy heuristic: Inferring quality from secrecy in foreign policy contexts. Political Psychology]]
 +  * Inattentional blindness - [[http://​pss.sagepub.com/​content/​early/​2013/​07/​17/​0956797613479386.abstract|The Invisible Gorilla Strikes Again Sustained Inattentional Blindness in Expert Observers]] (PsycSci, 2013)
 +  * Overclaiming - [[http://​pss.sagepub.com/​content/​26/​8/​1295|When Knowledge Knows No Bounds Self-Perceived Expertise Predicts Claims of Impossible Knowledge]] (PyscSci, 2016)
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