Action Inaction scales

  1. Action is important in people's lives.
  2. Being active all the time can lead to sickness. (R)
  3. Action is essential for life.
  4. The pressure to do things makes people do bad things. (R)
  5. Action leads to burnout. (R)
  6. Active human beings are what societies need.
  7. Actions contribute to society.
  8. Being active makes people happy.
  1. Inaction is important in people's lives.
  2. Being inactive is morally questionable. (R)
  3. Inaction is necessary in one’s life.
  4. Inaction is the source of many evils. (R)
  5. Relaxing decreases your productivity.
  6. Being inactive makes you lazy. (R)
  7. Being inactive makes you thoughtful.
  8. Inaction offers no contribution to society. (R)
  9. Inaction offers many benefits.
  10. Being relaxed makes people happy.
  1. I am often interested in finding ways to act.
  2. I would rather engage in activities than do nothing.
  3. Being active is pleasant.
  4. Action is good.
  5. Being active is unpleasant.(R)
  6. Action is bad. (R)
  7. Being always “on the go” is bad. (R)
  1. I am often interested in finding ways to relax.
  2. I would rather enjoy peace and quiet than have to do things.
  3. Being inactive is pleasant.
  4. Inaction is good.
  5. Being inactive is unpleasant. (R)
  6. Inaction is bad.
  7. Being laid back most of the time is problematic. (R)
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